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10 of the Best Ways Anyone Can Save on Car Costs


10 of the Best Ways Anyone Can Save on Car Costs

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New or used, sporty or practical, a car is not only a major purchase, but it also keeps wringing money out of its owner throughout its lifetime. Gas, oil changes, accidents — no question, a car is an expensive family member.

But for many of us, especially those who don’t live in one of the few American cities with reliable public transit, a car is also a necessity. Until that “Star Trek” transporter technology arrives, we’ll be driving — and fixing, and filling up, and coaxing — our cars to keep on running for years.

That’s why even the smallest ways to save on car costs are important. From the right insurance policy to simple car-maintenance tips, knowing how to keep your car’s insistent monetary demands at bay can leave more cash in your wallet.

Rev your engines — here are tips for saving on car costs that absolutely everyone can use.

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