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12 Companies That Help Pay for Employee Vacations


12 Companies That Help Pay for Employee Vacations

12 Companies That Help Pay for Employee Vacations
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Need a summer vacation? Your boss might help you with that — but only if you work for the right company.

While many workplaces are stingy about offering time away, a handful of companies are so generous that they chip in with vacation-related stipends, discounts and reimbursements.

FlexJobs recently looked over two separate lists — from Glassdoor and Business Insider — to identify a dozen such companies. They are:

  1. AFAR Media
  2. Airbnb
  3. BambooHR
  4. Basecamp
  5. Evernote
  6. Expedia
  7. FullContact
  8. Motley Fool
  9. Moz
  10. Travelzoo
  11. TripAdvisor
  12. United Airlines

Each of these companies offers some type of perk that can help make employee vacations a little more feasible. For example, FlexJobs reports that:

  • AFAR Media gives full-time workers 30 days of vacation time and a $2,000 stipend for travel.
  • Basecamp allows those who work for the company for at least a year to choose from more than a dozen different paid vacation packages. These packages are valued at between $4,000 and $5,000.
  • FullContact offers $7,500 per year for employees to travel. Even better, employees are asked not to work while on vacation.
  • United Airlines gives employees discounted airline tickets and offers unlimited standby travel on any United flight.

How to save on your next vacation

If your employer didn’t make the list, don’t fret: There are still plenty of ways to slash travel costs.

In “15 Tools To Help You Save on Every Kind of Travel,” we round up some of the best travel tools that will help you save on hotels, airfare, car rentals and more.

Another way to save is to avoid some common — and costly — travel errors. They include traveling at peak times, such as around holidays. As we have reported, doing so can be more expensive. So, plan your trip for another time:

“During summer, the kiddos have nothing but time on their hands. So, schedule a trip during a run-of-the-mill summer week or weekend when everything will be less crowded and, with any luck, cheaper.”

For more, check out “5 Common Travel Mistakes That Cost You Money.”

Finally, visit our Solutions Center and look for the latest deals from Money Talks News partner ShermansTravel. It lets you shop by criteria such as deals, destinations and interests. ShermansTravel also has special packages for cruises, families and those looking for luxury.

How do you cut vacation costs? Share your tips in comments below or on our Facebook page.

Disclosure: The information you read here is always objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click links within our stories.

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