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31 Great Things You Can Get for Free


31 Great Things You Can Get for Free

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Bargains and deals are great, but free stuff is even better. If you just can’t pass up a free sample at Costco or a free bookmark on a bookstore check-out counter, you know what I’m talking about.

The best freebies require almost zero work or commitment, and they’re actually things you want, perhaps even enough to pay money for. If a particular free item isn’t quite right for you, there’s almost certainly someone you know who’d find a use for it.

Want more free stuff? If you can wait until your birthday, you can really load up. Here’s our list of 23 restaurant chains that offer free food (sometimes an entire meal, other times, just an entree or dessert) on your birthday.

But the items below don’t require it to be your cake day — they’re waiting for you anytime. Note that some offers require you to sign up for their promotional emails, but if you that bothers you, create a new email address just for such offers, or unsubscribe from the mailing lists once your freebie arrives. A very few require a small purchase, but they seemed good enough to include anyway. For each item, read the offer instructions carefully, as deals could change without warning, or a product could run out. Many offers are limited to U.S. residents only. Now, on to the free stuff!

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