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5 Easy Ways to Get an Extra Discount at Walmart


5 Easy Ways to Get an Extra Discount at Walmart

5 Easy Ways to Get an Extra Discount at Walmart Photo by Vdovichenko Denis /

The internet erupted after Walmart’s recent announcement that it will end its free Savings Catcher program in May.

Shoppers who said that it has saved them hundreds of dollars over the years took to social media to express their anger — or their intent to start shopping elsewhere. You don’t have to do either, though, if you know a few savings secrets.

Savings Catcher, which was accessible through Walmart’s website and Savings Catcher app, did make saving money pretty effortless. Basically, it tracked your Walmart store receipts and refunded you the difference on a Walmart gift card if it turned out that another local retailer had a lower price than your Walmart.

But there are other free websites and apps that can put cash back in your hands every time you shop at Walmart — among other smart ways to save more money at the discount retail giant.

The following tips are among the best examples of how anyone can squeeze more savings out of their in-store or online Walmart purchases — even without Savings Catcher.

1. Use Shopkick to rack up free Walmart gift cards

If the effectively free Walmart gift cards are what you will miss most about Savings Catcher, check out Shopkick.

It’s a free app that rewards you — with points called “kicks” — for doing small tasks while shopping, such as scanning product bar codes in stores. You can redeem kicks for free gift cards to various retailers, including Walmart.

2. Use Ibotta to score cash rebates

The free cash back app Ibotta enables you to earn cash rebates on purchases from Walmart stores — and many other places.

Just to name a few examples, we recently saw the following offers for Walmart store purchases available through Ibotta:

  • $2 cash back on Oral-B floss
  • $3.50 cash back on Schick men’s and women’s disposable razors
  • $1 cash back on Cheerios
  • $4 cash back on Lean Cuisine meals
  • $1.50 cash back on Cetaphil face wash
  • $4 cash back on Stella Artois beer
  • $1 cash back on Fresh Step cat litter
  • $2 cash back on Glad ForceFlexPlus drawstring trash bags
  • $1.50 cash back on Larabar snack bars
  • $1 cash back on Sara Lee deli meats
  • $1.25 cash back on Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste

The list goes on and on. Sign up for an Ibotta account and download the app to see all of Ibotta’s current Walmart offers.

You can also boost your cash-back earnings by paying for Walmart store purchases with a cash-back credit card.

3. Earn cash back on purchases

It’s even easier to earn cash back when shopping online. Just go through one of several free cash-back portals that offer money back on purchases. They include:

If you shop on your phone, you can also earn cash rebates on purchases by going through the Ibotta app.

And again, you can also boost your earnings when shopping online by paying with a cash-back credit card.

4. Ask for a price match

At least for now, per Walmart’s Price Match Policy, stores still match the prices found at and You just have to ask for the price match.

So, before you buy anything in a Walmart store, use your phone to find out what it’s selling for on and If you find an item for less on either site, inform the store associate at checkout.

Just note the requirements and exceptions in Walmart’s price match policy.

5. Pick up online orders at a store

Walmart offers a service called Store Pickup for online purchases. So, if you shop online but your order is less than $35 — the minimum order required to qualify for free shipping — you can opt to have your order sent to your local store and pick it up there.

This saves you from having to pay for shipping — and may land you an extra discount. Walmart now offers what it calls a Pickup Discount on certain items that you purchase online if you opt to pick them up at a store.

What’s your favorite way to save money at Walmart these days? Share it with us below or on Facebook.

Disclosure: The information you read here is always objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click links within our stories.

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