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7 Things I Always Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond


7 Things I Always Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond

7 Things I Always Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond
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The Bed Bath & Beyond home-goods chain isn’t kidding about the “beyond.” Many of the items that I seek out at my local BB&B have nothing to do with either bed or bath accessories. There’s a kitchen-gadget section to rival any Target’s, a fur-ocious pet-supply area and much more.

If you’ve ever shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond, I hope you haven’t paid full-price for your purchases. The store loves to ensure that everyone has a 20%-off coupon to use. Join the email list to get your coupons. Or, if you read home-focused magazines such as Real Simple you’ll likely spot a 20%-off coupon. Or, if you pick up one of the company’s advertising fliers or receive one in the mail you’ll find a coupon on the back page.

Although the coupons come with expiration dates, don’t throw them out once the dates pass. Ask at the register if you can use an expired coupon. I’ve never had a Bed Bath & Beyond employee say, “No.” And, if my husband and I are shopping together, I give him one coupon and at least one of our items so we can check out separately for double savings.

Bed Bath & Beyond also matches the prices of major online retailers, as we detail in “7 Stores That Will Match — or Beat — Amazon Prices,” although you can’t combine a coupon with a price match.

Coupons firmly in hand, here’s my list of my favorite things to buy at Bed Bath & Beyond.

1. Moving supplies

Moving, whether into a dorm or a new home, is a gigantic headache. The right supplies can really help.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s website has a subsite with moving tips and tricks, including packing hacks and a moving-day checklist.

It’s no surprise, then, that the store sells everything from dish-protection kits to furniture sliders.

Sure, you can make a move without most of these extras, but moving day is so exhausting that Future You will thank your current self for every smart shortcut you take now.

2. K-cups

I love my Keurig coffeemaker, which allows me to welcome a large batch of friends and serve each the coffee they prefer, from French roast to French vanilla. Bed Bath & Beyond is Keurig heaven.

In addition to all the Keurig coffeemakers, the store sells K-cup coffee and tea pods in flavors (Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll, for one example) that I see nowhere else — and I’ve looked.

Better still is their selection of accessories, from refillable K-cups that save on waste to brewer-care kits, for cleaning and maintenance of Keurig brewers.

3. Candles

I love the scent and look of candles, but the Yankee Candle store in my mall closed years ago.

At Bed Bath & Beyond you can find a variety of Yankee Candles in plenty of scents (think fragrances like Vanilla Cupcake and Bahama Breeze), sizes and shapes.

Worried about flickering flames? The store also sells scent plugs (plug them in to an electrical socket to enjoy the scent; there’s no flame) and flame-effect candles, which flicker like real candles, also without a flame.

4. Heated blankets and mattress pads

Last February, we visited my mother-in-law in Southern California, relishing the idea of getting out of Seattle’s rainy winter.

We were shocked to find temperatures that hovered in the 50s. We called just about every home store in Los Angeles hunting for electric blankets (a Target clerk, obviously L.A.-bred, did not know such a thing existed).

Only BB&B offered both soothing electric blankets and heated mattress pads. The pads help even out the warmth. We should have looked here first — it’s our primary stop for cozy covers back home, too.

5. Pet supplies

Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t have as many pet supplies as the warehouse-size pet-only chains. You won’t be buying dog food or cat litter here.

But doggone it, I’m impressed with BB&B’s carefully curated pet products.

There’s shelf after shelf of catnip treats for cats and teeth-cleaning snacks for dogs. They’ve also got cozy pet beds, and the quality is paw-some, too.

6. Regional-pride items

Few people would think of going to Bed Bath & Beyond for trip souvenirs, but here’s a surprising tip: The stores I’ve visited make an effort to stock regional-pride and sports-team memorabilia.

Want a soft throw honoring the Minnesota Vikings, a set of BBQ tools touting the University of Washington Huskies, or wall art with vintage images of Chicago?

These local-focused items make for thoughtful hostess gifts or lovely memories to take home.

7. Thanksgiving-table accessories

We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for half-a-dozen years now, and when we’re short an accessory for the holiday table, it’s over the river and through the woods to BB&B we go.

Among the treasures: gravy boats with their own electric warmer base, butter dishes that come with a flip-up top the kids won’t drop and bamboo trivets that protect your tabletop from hot dishes.

You can even buy extra silverware and serving utensils by the piece, so if you have plenty of spoons but need a few forks, you can stock up on exactly what you want.

There’s much to be thankful for here.

Share your favorite Bed Bath & Beyond finds with us in a comment below or at Money Talks News on Facebook.

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