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7 Things You Can Buy for Next to Nothing at the Drugstore


7 Things You Can Buy for Next to Nothing at the Drugstore

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Sure, you want the great deals you’ve heard about at drugstores, but you just can’t spend time hunting for flyers and coupons.

No problem. If you have 60 seconds and a smartphone, you can find the best bargains at major chains like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. There are websites devoted to helping you do just that.

You also can find manufacturer coupons through, which is both a website and an app. And you can rack up cash back by using the Ibotta app — which offers cash rebates on purchases from the biggest of drugstore chains and others.

If you can carve out a bit more time to use coupons — not just look them up on the fly in the store — you’ll really save big. And if you sign up for the loyalty programs of the drugstores you frequent, you’ll land even more bargains.

It’s the combination of sale prices, coupons, store rewards and cash-back offers that enables Christie Hardcastle — owner of the drugstore deal websites Wild For Wags and Wild For CVS — to pay as little as zero dollars for drugstore purchases.

“I routinely walk out with things that cost me absolutely nothing,” she told Money Talks News.

Sound like too much work to squeeze into your busy life? Then focus on the following items, which are among the best bargains at drugstores.

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