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8 Ivy League Colleges That Offer Free Online Courses


8 Ivy League Colleges That Offer Free Online Courses

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Universities and colleges traditionally have made room in some of their classes for learners who are not enrolled in the school.

With demand growing for distance learning, this tradition of universities opening their doors to the community is evolving, too. Now, you can live anywhere and have access to college-level courses, often free of charge.

At the nation’s Ivy League schools — eight elite private institutions in the nation’s Northeast — you can sign up to audit certain courses for free, online. These are called “massive open online courses,” or MOOCs. The Community for Accredited Online Schools explains:

“In most cases, MOOCs are entirely free. While some MOOC providers do charge a fee, it’s usually a small fee in exchange for a certificate of completion or some other non-degree credential earned upon successful MOOC completion.”

Some universities offer MOOCs through their websites. Others use third-party platforms, including Coursera and edX. Many of these classes are free of charge. But each school labels its free classes differently, so read course descriptions carefully to confirm.

Read on to learn about free online classes at the eight Ivy League colleges and universities.

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