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8 Things You Should Replace Today to Improve Your Life and Save Money


8 Things You Should Replace Today to Improve Your Life and Save Money

8 Things You Should Replace Today to Improve Your Life and Save Money Photo by Africa Studio /

Everything you use has a shelf life. At home, it’s easy to overlook stuff that needs to be replaced. But smart households try to stay on top of these tasks.

Whether you’re forgetful or are just trying to save money, there can be consequences to using outdated or worn-out parts and products.

What follows are several things you should consider replacing right away.

1. Your toothbrush

Generally, replace toothbrushes every three to four months, advises the American Dental Association. Replace them more frequently if the bristles look frayed or worn.

Replace it: Buy a new toothbrush.

2. Your pillow

Pillows help you sleep comfortably by supporting your head and neck. A worn out pillow no longer gives that support, potentially affecting your sleep and even your health.

Many doctors say you should replace pillows every two years, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Meanwhile, keep pillows clean. For detailed instructions, see “How to Clean 16 Awkward Household Items.”

Replace it: Shop for bed pillows.

3. Heating and air conditioning filters

Heating and air-conditioning filters protect you from allergens such as smog, smoke, dust, animal dander and pollen. So, when your HVAC filters don’t function properly, your health could suffer.

Your owner’s manual will tell you when to buy a replacement.

Replace it: Find HVAC filters.

4. Worn-out tires

Don’t delay replacing worn-out tires. Driving on bald tires to save money doesn’t pay off if it causes an accident.

You not only could face large medical bills, but, if you’re at fault for causing an accident, you also could be held financially liable.

Replace it: Buy new tires.

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