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9 Things Under $25 That Will Keep You Safe While Driving This Winter


9 Things Under $25 That Will Keep You Safe While Driving This Winter

9 Things Under $25 That Will Keep You Safe While Driving This Winter Photo by Sergey Peterman /

Winter is right around the corner, promising chilly temps and — in some regions — snowy and icy roads. Be prepared for anything the season throws at you by stashing certain items inside your vehicle.

We’ve rounded up nine products under $25 to keep in your car this winter. Live somewhere that never sees snow? Many of these items are useful in any season or climate.

1. Hand warmers

Gloves can help keep your hands warm while scraping your windshield, but HotHands Hand Warmers take the heat to the next level! These air-activated warmers slide snugly inside your gloves and begin to heat up as soon as you tear open the packaging.

2. Emergency escape tool

If you find yourself trapped in your vehicle after an accident this winter, you’ll be glad you have the compact, multipurpose DSYJ Emergency Escape Tool on hand.

It has a blade to cut seat belts, steel double hammer heads to break windows and a corrugated, easy-grip handle. Plus, a bright orange-and-yellow color palette makes it easy to spot in an emergency.

3. Reflective safety vest

Poorly lit roads and weary, late-night motorists don’t mix. But if you have to pull over after dark and get out of your car, we’ve got you covered.

The GripGlo Reflective Safety Vest is a lightweight protective safety vest that has “double horizontal reflective strips” with “specially designed orange trim edging” on both the front and back for maximum visibility.

4. First-aid kit

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If you are involved in one this winter, a first-aid kit can help you treat minor wounds and minimize damage until the cavalry arrives.

The DeftGet First Aid Kit is an 18-piece kit that contains a compact, lightweight, durable case packed with 163 “medical-grade essentials.” In addition to bandages, alcohol prep pads, iodine pads and tweezers, there’s an emergency blanket, flashlight and whistle.

5. Folding shovel

If your vehicle gets stuck in the snow this winter, a shovel could come in handy. The Tabor Tools Folding Shovel is a super-compact, ultra-lightweight model that collapses to fit into a convenient 6-inch-by-8-inch carrying bag — and your car’s glove box.

Weighing just 1.3 pounds, the hardened-steel folding shovel is made of “durable, military-grade materials.” Its serrated-edge design makes quick work of heavy snow, and its strong, triangular handle “fits comfortably in either hand.”

6. Kitty litter

Kitty litter isn’t just for cats! Did you know that you can actually spread the odor-masking material over a snowy or icy road to help your tires gain traction? It’s also helpful for soaking up oil spills year-round. This must-have box of Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Litter contains 40 pounds of road relief.

7. LED road flares

Snow storms can significantly reduce visibility — even during the day. This three-pack of crushproof, shatterproof, rainproof StarFlare LED Road Flares will help other motorists and emergency vehicles notice your car if it’s parked on the side of the road.

The super-bright LED lights can be seen for up to a mile at night, feature “nine different flashing modes,” and include batteries and a handy storage bag.

8. Insulated blanket

Trapped in a snow bank and struggling to stay warm? This brilliant blanket will do the trick! The Kelty Bestie Blanket is “insulated with cloud loft,” to ward off the chill.

The “durable yet cozy” throw includes a case for convenient storage in your trunk. Available in four stylish shades.

9. Extendable snow brush and ice scraper

Not all ice scrapers are created equal. The BirdRock Home Snow Moover Car Brush and Ice Scraper was “battle tested in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!”

It includes “tough, non-scratch jaws” that break through ice quickly and easily and a thick-bristled brush to send snow packing. Plus, it extends up to 50 inches to tackle those hard-to-reach areas, like the roof of a full-sized SUV.

Do you know of more great items to keep in your car this winter? Share your ideas in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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