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How to Save Hundreds on Internet Costs


How to Save Hundreds on Internet Costs

How to Save Hundreds on Internet Costs Photo by Shutter_M /

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Let’s face it, we can’t live without internet. We use it to order dinner, look for a local hair salon, figure out how to unclog the waste disposal, buy presents for our friends, binge-watch our favorite movies and TV series, and even send text messages to our friends and family. It’s no secret that access to the internet is a necessity in our everyday lives. But, do we really need both a home internet account and cellphone account?

I’ll show you how you can save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by ditching your home internet connection and instead utilizing your cellphone plan.

Use your cellphone data

It’s as simple as this, guys and gals. Use your cellphone data at home, in place of your home internet data. What about your computer and TV you ask? Use your cellphone as a mobile hotspot. You’re already paying for data on your cellphone, so why not just extend that to your home? By turning your mobile hotspot on (which can be done within your cellphone’s settings) you can share your mobile data with other devices in your home, all through Wi-Fi.

Get a plan with mobile hotspot

Most of your cheaper cellphone plans won’t include mobile hotspot data, so if you’ve tried to turn on your mobile hotspot before and it didn’t work, this is probably why. The good news is, there are plenty of cellphone plans available now from various carriers that offer a generous amount of full-speed data that you can use for a mobile hotspot.

First, you’ll need to figure out how much data you use at home. Check your current internet bill for this. Most internet providers will include your monthly internet usage on your bill — this will give you an idea of how much mobile hotspot data you’ll need.

Best plans for hotspot

Here are some cellphone plans that offer the most high-speed data that you can use as a mobile hotspot.

Carrier Plan Mobile Hotspot Allowance Cost of Plan
Sprint Unlimited Premium 100GB/month $80/month
Sprint Unlimited Plus 50GB/month $60/month
Boost Mobile Ultimate Unlimited 50GB/month $80/month
Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus 30GB/month $60/month
AT&T Unlimited & More Premium 15GB/month $80/month
T-Mobile ONE Plus 20GB/month $85/month
Verizon Beyond Unlimited 15GB/month $85/month
Verizon Above Unlimited 20GB/month $95/month

There are also other plans that allow unlimited mobile hotspot but at slower speeds. For example, T-Mobile’s ONE plan comes with unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speeds. While this might be OK for general web browsing, this will likely not be fast enough if you’re streaming videos, or download large documents on your home computer.

Ditch home internet

If you know you don’t need too much internet at home, then opting for a wireless internet home may be the best choice you make all year. A home internet connection can cost $30, $40, $50 or more every single month. In just one year you could be saving yourself $500 (or more) just by using your phone as a mobile hotspot when you’re at home.

Are you a good candidate for relying on a hotspot and giving up your home internet? Share with us in comments or on our Facebook page.

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