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The 52 Week Money Challenge

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The 52 Week Money Challenge

Looking for a savings challenge?

Today, I have a free printable called the 52 Week Money Challenge.

How much money do you save in the 52 week challenge?

The 52 Week Money Challenge is a great way to save $1,040 a year without noticing! All you have to do is save $20 each week for a year, and then you’ll easily have $1,040.

If you start this now and do it just until the holidays, you will have a nice chunk of change as well for any holiday-related expenses that you may have, such as gifts or travel.

People tend to like savings challenges like the 52 Week Money Challenge because it can make saving money a little more enjoyable.

Yes, saving money can be enjoyable!

So many people get tired of paying off debt and saving money, because it can feel so monotonous or they just lack the motivation.

Challenging yourself, such as by starting the 52 Week Money Challenge, to save more money is great, because it can help keep your financial goal on your mind and keep you motivated.

Please download my free worksheet, the 52 Week Money Challenge by filling out the form below.

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